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Training Seminars

Training for Adult Catechists, Catholic School Administrators, Teachers and Parents:

Learn how to implement the new LoveEd Video-Discussion Program in your diocese or parish in one weekend.

Training for Facilitators and/or Parents, Kick-off for families

Chastity Education - What Are We Supposed to Do?

What are the different roles of the pastor, the school, the parents, the religious educators? How do we support the parent as primary educators and fit one more thing into the curriculum? Here, unpacked for you, are the most recent teachings of the Vatican and the US Bishops to help us help our children navigate in today‚€™s over-sexed, love-starved culture. Insightful and practical.

Training for Public School Teachers, Counselors and School Nurses in Middle School or High School:

Sex Respect Teacher/Leader Training

Learn how to present the message of teen abstinence in a fun, engaging manner. (Even the seminar is fun!) Learn how to respond in health education language to the normal arguments for sex outside of marriage. Find out how birth control effects the relationships for teens, and some of the psychological consequences of sex outside of marriage. Update your approach to STD's, and learn how much you can and can't say about abstinence in the public school classroom. Participants have claimed that this approach to sexuality is life-changing for the them and for the students they oversee.

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Training for Catholic School Teachers and Catechists:

Love & Life Teacher/Catechist Training for Middle School or High School Teachers

Gather many practical ideas for implementing the Love & Life Chastity Education program in your classroom or youth group. Write raps and songs on chastity, make powerpoint ads, and learn the reasons behind the lessons in the book. Learn how to help your students become critical thinkers in regard to use of the media, and challenge them to change their life and change the world with a new approach to teen sexuality.

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Training for Young Adults, Adults or Youth Groups:

Multi-Media Youth Speaker Training for Pro-Life and Chastity Leaders

What are today's questions and issues? How can we cleverly and truthfully respond and share the truth using our minds and hearts, logic, science, and social media? With good content and great creativity, we will spread the good news around the parish, our school, the community and the world. Bring your laptops, tablets, smartphones and cameras...and we will have fun!

Training for Parish or School Staff, Parish Councils or Adult Organizations:

Staff Development in the Christian Workplace

Besides the funny stories, learn together how each person's human nature can affect the teamwork of the staff. Figure out how to achieve harmony of the different temperaments and personalities, and study effective methods of happiness in your work based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. What are the four levels of happiness and how do we get to the top? Concludes with a goal-setting session.

Training for Marriage Preparation Team Couples in the Parish or Diocese:

One in Christ: Marriage Preparation Facilitator Program

Ready to crank up your PreCana beyond another one-day check list? Learn about the information, formation and methods in Marriage Preparation that are bearing fruit in amazing conversions of professional young adults. This program is not rated PG, and the depth will improve your approach, keep the couple's interest, and improve family life for generations.

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