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Chastity Presentation Reference Chart

 Intended Audience



Parents of Children

ages 2-12

Raising Love-Wise Kids

in a Lustful World:

Teachable Moments

Funny, yet truthful and practical ways to help our kids be innocent but not ignorant.

 Parents with their Preteens (ages 9-12) video/discussion

 Growing Up with Health and Virtue

The Puberty Talks

for boys and for girls;

biological and spiritual

Junior High Students 

or Confirmation Classes


 Preparing for Love & Life:  The Chastity Challenge

Fun, fast paced with practical moral teachings and audience participation

 High School Teens


 Maximum Love!


God's Awesome Plan for Love & Romance: How do we make it REALITY?

College Age or

Young Adults

Wait or Mate?

A Positive Approach to Sexuality


Defending the choice to be pure and pro-life;

Authentic, not superficial,

What you don't see on TV.

Engaged or Married Couples

Unity or Division?

Love vs. Lust in Marriage


Interesting truths that some famous people never learned

Adults, Catechists, Catholic School Teachers and Parents

 Chastity Education:

Who, What, When & How?


Unpacking the Church teachings to help today's children & teens