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Book Descriptions

SEX RESPECT® The World's Leading Abstinence Program The Sex Respect program offers a positive down-to-earth public school health program designed to provide teens with information about themselves and their relationships.  Sex Respect is full of positive attitudes about sexuality from a secular health perspective.  The program is helpful for teens, teachers, and parents to logically defend the reasons to abstain from premarital sex. The Sex Respect® program teaches teens that saying noĚ to premarital sex is their right, is in the best interest of society and is in the spirit of true sexual freedom.   Developed over the years of practical use with teens, the Sex Respect® workbook communicates with teens on their terms, involving the teens, their parents and their teachers in interactive exercises, discussions and creative writing. The curriculum defines what is human about 'human' sexuality, recognizes influences on sexual decision making, identifies emotional, psychological, and physical consequences of teenage sexual activity; discusses the history and purpose of dating as well as healthy dating guidelines; teaches how to say NO; shows how to change former sexual behavior and explores the responsibilities of marriage and parenthood. It is being used at the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth grade levels. The program includes three separate workbooks:  one for students, one for teachers and one for parents.  
Each workbook includes:
  • A whole person approach to human sexuality and abstinence
  • Specifics on Character Development  Issues of meaning and purpose for teens
  • The latest on STDs and AIDS
  • Step-by-step plan for Secondary Virginity
  • Optimistic look at future marriage preparation and relationships
 The Teacher Manual contains:
  • Clear educational objectives
  • Detailed lesson plans
  • Home assignments
  • Tests, quizzes and review exercises
  • Easy to follow outline for busy teachers
 Note:  Teacher Training Seminars are available.   The Parent Guide:
  • Confirms parent's rights and needs to protect and guide their child's health        
  • Offers guidelines, encouragement and home assignments        
  • Enhances parent/teen communication about sexuality and parenting        
  • Enables parents to work with their teen's school to give ongoing support to family values and health beyond presentation of the Sex Respect unit        
  • Provides parents with tools for helping their teens grow to adulthood with the maturity, confidence and self-control necessary to maintain physical, social and emotional health        
  • Includes a basic facts talk for home use
 The Student Workbook:
  • Differentiates between sexual freedom and sexual impulsiveness
  • Defines the many aspects of human sexuality
  • Recognizes various influences on sexual decision making
  • Discusses dating guidelines, how to say no; how to change former sexual behavior
  • Explains how Sex Respect can provide freedom to learn about mature love
  • Creative layout
  • Age-appropriate information
  • Provides realistic answers to student questions

Chapters include:
  1. Sex: What We Are and What a Difference!    
  2. Who is in Charge Here? Mind Over Matter  
  3. Free Sex: Is It Or Isn't It?  
  4. Who's Kidding Whom?  
  5. Sex on Credit: Play Now, Pay Later.  
  6. AIDS: A Risky Business for Everyone  
  7. Yes to Love, No to Fear        
  8. Dating: Is It Working for Us?          
  9. Staying Cool‚€ĒWith Respect
  10. Hey Now, Get a New Start          
  11. Marriage‚€¶To Love and to Cherish            
  12. So Basically  
 Sex Respect teacher and staff training seminars are available for your school.
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Love & Life: A Christian Sexual Morality Guide for Teens
Love & Life is a positive presentation of God's plan for life and love aligned with the official teachings of the Catholic Church in the US and Vatican.  It gives parents the intimate information to be taught at home with the parent guide and provides complete catechetical support lessons for the parish in the student and teacher guides.
Love & Life uses sacred scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Vatican documents, poems, letters, quizzes, and slogans created by teens for teens in a lively, down-to-earth commentary.  The program has been carefully designed and developed over 20 years of practical use with teens.  It communicates on their terms, but with a level of challenge that motivates them to love the church and her teachings.  It works on a step-by-step progression that involves teens, parents and teachers in interactive exercises, discussions, and creative writing.
Each workbook includes:
  • God's Plan vs. the World's Plan for Love
  • The Gifts of Masculinity and Femininity
  • How to Develop True Friendships
  • Original Sin and its Effects on the Theology of the Body
  • Developing Virtues to Overcome your Weaknesses
  • Grace and Guidance from our Holy Mother the Church
  • Human Dignity and Emotional Maturity
  • Freedom, Conscience, Laws and Choices, Commandments and Beatitudes
  • Romance, Attraction, Infatuation, Feelings, Behavior and Self-Control
  • How to Avoid and Resist Temptation

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One in Christ Marriage Renewal: A Spiritual Workout to Strengthen Your Marriage

Developed by Fr. Thomas Aschenbrener and Coleen Kelly Mast, this marriage renewal program, based on ‚€ėLove and Life in the Divine Plan, a pastoral letter by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops‚€™, is designed to engage couples in reflection, discussion, and prayer. As in any "workout," a series of short exercises builds strength; in the marriage setting, these build communication and faith and increase meaningful conversation through regular practice.
Provides bishops, priests, deacons, and lay facilitators with an all-inclusive and comprehensive program to strengthen marriages so couples will come to a deeper understanding of their vocation in Christ. Rev. Thomas Aschenbrener presents both the sacramental theology and the practical "tools" of Christian Marriage to help couples reach an understanding of how marriage is an opportunity to assist the other in attaining Heaven and what that means for their lives together here on earth.
Each chapter assists couples in examining the meaning of their relationship in light of God's love and the gratuitous grace they received on their wedding day, a grace that keeps on giving.
The topics presented in One in Christ Marriage Renewal include the following:
  • Ways to foster healing in marriage;
  • How to cope with suffering and trials;
  • Ways to grow in virtue together;
  • The meaning of prayer;
  • How to rediscover the transformative power of God's grace in the Sacraments; and
  • How to embrace the unique call to authentic life and love in God's plan for the family.

The program is designed to be flexible so it can be presented as a workshop at your local parish or diocese; alternatively, the materials can be purchased by individual couples to use as a self-study guide in the home.
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One in Christ Marriage Preparation
The One in Christ Marriage Preparation textbook by Father Thomas Aschenbrener is designed to prepare couples for the Sacrament of Matrimony, providing an all-inclusive and comprehensive appreciation for and knowledge of the Sacrament of Matrimony.  One in Christ presents both the sacramental theology and the practical "tools" of Christian Marriage so that engaged couples may reach an understanding of how marriage is a participation in the life of Heaven and what that means for their lives together here on earth.
The course takes the Hans Urs von Balthasar approach of presenting the truth, beauty, and goodness of marriage and family life. This approach is very appealing to today‚€™s couples, assaulted as they are by much secular negativity about marriage. Our goal is not just to present information on marriage, but rather to help you and your fianc√© see the what, why, and how of the Church‚€™s teaching in relation to marriage. That is why we begin with a basic catechesis on the Catholic Faith and interweave it throughout the seminar. You and your fianc√© will find your faith reinvigorated by learning the Church's teachings in the context of marriage preparation. Deeply rooted in Scripture, Catholic Tradition, the Lives of the Saints, and Papal Encyclicals, this seminar will not only prepare you and your fianc√© to see the truth, beauty, and goodness of marriage and family life, but also to show how God and his grace are the remedies and the quintessential means to a happy, healthy, holy, and lasting marriage.
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