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Whether you heard it on the show, or someone told you to come here to get it, these postings are some of the information requested most often by our listeners. Feel free to ask for something you don't see.

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Natural Family Planning Awareness Week
by Respect on 

When Tony from Michigan called in to say that he learned more about NFP in my 10 minute opening comments than he had ever heard from the Church or a Doctor, it reminds us that Natural Family Planning is the best kept secret on earth.

NFP is a simple awareness of a woman's daily fertility level, from the observation and charting of simple biomarkers in her body.

Share this information or Learn more about NFP at (World Organization for the Ovulation Method Billings) (Couple to Couple League) (find local practitioners) (Medical help for fertility) (literature and CD's to help couples learn the 'why)
Learn more at the bishops website

You are welcome to add other sites here as well.

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July 19 show references
by Respect on 

For the homeschooling mom to prepare her teens for apologetics: Catholic Answers "Spirit of Fire, Spirit of Truth" and the "Catholic Apologetics" Series.

For parents and grandparents concerned about gender confusion in children or young adolescents: Dr. Joseph Nicolosi's "Parent's Guide to Preventing Homosexuality" and the website

Thanks to Fr. Richard Altenbaugh from Florida who asks the question to couples entering a second marriage, "Which marriage is the REAL one?"

And remember to stand up for the 10 Commandments!

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References on today's radio show
by Respect on 

Of the many topics that arose today, three of our listeners called in with helpful references for us.

-For a young man struggling with the culture's obsession with homosexuality, there is a humorous and compassionate presentation on same-sex attraction by Fr. Michael Schmitz at

-Jane from Ohio recommended a book that could shed some light on remedies for addictions, cravings and other mental health problems, "Gut and Psychology Syndrome" by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD, a neurologist and nutrition scientist who cured her own daughter of autism. She presents the relationship between gut flora and brain chemistry and how diet can be the key to mental development.

- C.R. from Michigan recommended the video "Forks over Knives" based on Hippocrates saying "Let Food Be Thy Medicine."

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14 year old daughter with severe cramps
by Tracy on 

My 14 year old daughter has cramps so severe that they make her sick.  She will miss a day of school because of it.  What can we do to help her?

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Quick solution to negative husband
by Respect on 

Sue called twice today - once for advice and a second time to tell us that the advice worked so quickly that her negative husband was now laughing! Another caller said, "Write that on your website for us."

Someone who has a negative answer for everything is not often appreciative of your positive answer. They are looking for understanding, not opposition. Your happy positive answer can be more frustrating to him than helpful.

I suggested to Sue to agree with him and show him understanding, not contradict him. First agree with him, then ask him to tell you more about why he is thinking that way. Let him know you want to see his side of the issue he is complaining about. Then, after he has thought through it out loud and you have listened and understand his view, ask him if he sees any hope for a solution - and what that might be.

That way he can become his own problem solver, and you don't have to be a cheerleader for a hopelessly negative person. When he comes up with a possible solution, offer agreement and encouragement to him. If he can't think of a solution yet, invite him to think through the facts; negative people often like to decide based on the facts or details, not your happy feelings. Help them think, then support their solutions.

And then laugh later. Listen to more clean comedies, have fun together and have some happy feelings together at other times of the day. God may have put you together to balance one another for happiness here on earth. Appreciate your differences and help one another grow.

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New Show starting June 7th
by Respect on 

Saturday mornings from 9-11 AM Eastern time you can now receive live free friendly advice from a Catholic perspective by calling my new radio show, "Mast Appeal" at 877-573-7825.

New 10 minute Youth Question Segment: Youth Questions for the top of the second hour can be submitted here on the blog or via email to or mast or they can call in 15 minutes before the top of the second hour and get first in line to ask their question live.

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Marriage help for serious needs
by Respect on 

On today's show (May 23) we mentioned two ways to receive marriage coaching without therapy. is Mort Fertel giving very practical marriage skills to improve a hurting marriage. You can receive via email, buy CDs, download audios or print.

Also the book, "Save Your Christian Marriage" by Dr. Lee H Baucom, M.Div.,Ph.D. is available as an ebook download at

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Christian Meditation engages the mind, does not empty the mind
by sexrespect on 

As mentioned on today's show:

Christian Meditation: 
A Beginner's Guide to 
Catholic Mental Prayer


Christian meditation "engages thought, imagination, emotion, and desire" in prayer. (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2708)

It is also known as mental prayer.

Not your everyday "meditation"

Don't let the word "meditation" fool you. Mental prayer is very different from Eastern meditation practices.

  Non-Christian meditation practices aim at emptying the mind.

  Christian meditation engages the mind in prayer.


Catholic meditation seeks use the faculties of the mind to know the Lord, understand his love for us, and to move into deep union with him. Use of the mind "is necessary in order to deepen our convictions of faith, prompt the conversion of our heart, and strengthen our will to follow Christ." (Catechism, 2708)

Put simply, our goal is to to answer the basic human question: "Lord, what do you want me to do?" (Catechism, 2706)

Christian meditation must immerse us in the Trinity: we surrender ourselves to the Holy Spirit, the master of prayer, so that he can unite us to Christ and perfect our prayer to the Father.

Every Christian needs to practice mental prayer. Every day.

Your faith cannot live without prayer, the "vital and personal relationship with the living and true God." (Catechism, 2744 & 2558)

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Growing Up Program
by Marti on 

I heard you mention the Growing Up Program on your show.  Is this something I could purchase for my 8 year old?  She's beginning to ask questions such as" I don't get it.  How does baby get in the mom's stomach?"    (I downloaded the 6Ms for my 10 year old.)

Is the Love and Life Parents Guide something which would help with the 8 year old at this time?  I don't want to give too much information too early!

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8 year old question
by Marti on 

My 8 year old daughter is making comments like "I don't get it.  How does the baby get in the mom's  stomach?"

What is the best way to address this to an 8 1/2 year old?

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